Since when can my child to rock concert?

The band "Tokio Hotel" touring until the end of July through Germany. Tens of thousands of teenagers at the rotate through concerts, fans are always powerless and must be accompanied by paramedics from the amount withdrawn.

How dangerous are those concerts for young people? And what should parents do when their children idolize bands that are only about drugs, violence and sex sing? Two experts give advice.

Since when can my child alone to the concert?

Bettina Eistel, psychotherapist from Jugendamt Hamburg: "In the Minors Act, there is no specific regulation for concerts. Most organizers adhere to the following guidelines: children under six years of age may not enter the hall, young people under 16 years only with the written consent of the parents or with an accompanying adult.

But: Every child is different ripe. One Twelve-year-old stands on a rock concert, for the other is too much hype. Think about exactly whether you agree to visit a concert, even if you are. "

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